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What we learn with pleasure, we never forget.

The four-year-old is a dynamo of energy and drive, emerging from the Threes into the Fours with imaginative ideas that spring from their little minds!  Our creative approach to Fours will help your child build a secure foundation into kindergarten through the daily classroom activities planned by well-qualified and loving teachers.

The classroom is designed with many area learning centers to facilitate small group play based interaction with friends.  Each morning there is a large group circle time around the promethean boards while they learn new concepts in math and reading.

The A Beka Book curriculum is used in our K-4 program.  It provides phonics based literacy to encourage reading while building a strong foundation and love of reading.  Math and Science are part of their daily routines.  Spanish, art, gym time, music, theatre and Chapel help each student while learning naturally about the world around them. Please visit for a full look at the curriculum.

Our four-year students wear a cap and gown at the Grand Celebration each year for families to attend and enjoy!  They love singing songs and reciting their poems for us, as well as showing off how they can read and speak Spanish!

The Grand Celebration is a highlight of Creative Kids!

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