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It takes a big heart to shape little minds.

Why is the sky blue?  Why do birds have feathers?  Questions, questions, and more questions, and delightfully so!  Asking questions is a normal developmental milestone and we know that these questions can become teachable moments.

These moments are captured each day between teachers and children through our play based activity centers and teacher directed curriculum.  Our classrooms are designed for large group circle times as well as small group area play, plus enrichment class rotations in art, theatre, library and science.

Creative Kids offers the Threes the “FireFlies Funshine Express Curriculum Program” blended with some of the core elements of foundational reading in phonics and Bible time.   The Funshine FireFlies is a program for Threes that is aligned with the South Carolina State Standards of Early Care and Education and provides so many fun themes and learning activities that are foundational to reading and math – arts and science.

Our Pre-K Fours Program utilizes the  A Beka Book curriculum and supporting center with learning activity and hands on interaction as they grow with the program.

A Beka Book has for more than forty years provided quality preschool materials for Christian programs.

We want methods and materials that work. That’s what we have found with A Beka Book: a comprehensive, quality curriculum and materials written from a Christian perspective.

The Phonics based A Beka Book is the key to reading. Young students learn the short sounds on the vowels and then how to blend these sounds with a consonant. In a short time, students are able to read hundreds of words, giving students a sense of accomplishment from the very beginning. Once they have mastered simple words, they learn more sounds and longer words.

A BEKA Book also builds a strong foundation in Math, Science and Art. Creative Kids provides a wide variety of enrichment programs to enhance the experience of the three and four year student.

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