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Let them be little. A time to explore and learn through play.

The toddler years are the most busy with their new found love for climbing, jumping, running, and exploring everything around!  We offer age-appropriate activities, daily interactions and play times that create learning naturally.  Their day is structured around learning through play and routines that create a sense of security.

Our Toddler Program uses the “FUNSHINE EXPRESS” Curriculum.  The program is called ” ButterCups” and is very well planned and aligns with the South Carolina State Standards for Early Care and Education.   It is a very hands-on interactive program where each child gains confidence to discover and experience new things each and every day.

Toddlers make great progress when they do things by themselves.  This is how they learn independence and feel confident in their abilities.  We give them opportunities they need to grow and develop to their fullest potential.  We strive to provide the best of materials that are age-appropriate because safety is always at heart when caring for busy one-year-olds.

Toddlers will enjoy enrichment classes and new things every day: gym play, outdoor play, buggy rides, art class, Chapel, and more.  Days are filled with music, fun and dance!  Get ready toddlers…here we go!

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